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Ade Scholefield

Bsc [Hons], B.Arch

After breaking from early artistic endeavours to follow my second passion for music and working in Architecture for the last 25 years, reverting to a childhood passion brings me to my most creative and productive.


In April 2018 I set a goal to learn new painting techniques, explore new media and ‘surf the ‘isms’ of the art genres, with the aim to exhibit a body of work in a years time.


The body of work exhibited at the Elmslie House exhibition represents the highlights from that year, exploring mark making with a range of diverse tools, media and acrylic paint.


I connect deeply with places, the more remote, the more ‘bleak’, the more primal, the greater the emotional connection. I ‘feel’ places, spaces and sounds, examining the emotional response, trying to dismiss the ‘surface’, drilling down to the raw and primal emotion. I am now exploring personal emotional responses to colours, concepts and ideas - slightly more elusive goals.




For me, all representations that include ‘light and shade’ tonality invoke space, a place, and illicit a response accordingly whereas; representations that utilise ‘flat’ colour illicit a response through the modulation between the colours or the degree of contrasting complexity. I am also conscious of ‘scale’ and often aim to leave out any reference to scale, inviting ambiguity in the viewer and drawing a more individual personal response.


This style of painting often utilises a process that explores random expressive mark making on a blank canvass, inviting interpretation, generating creative judgements and iteratively manipulating, expressing responses until the ‘dance’ is done.


I have no formal art training or qualifications and feel unencumbered and free from over intellectualised twaddle around the subject, preferring just to ‘play’, learn through play, explore and develop - I have more than enough over-intellectualised architectural twaddle to compensate!


EH AS painting cropped.jpg
Ade Scholefield

...working on a painting during an exhibition at Elmslie House, Malvern

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