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2019 April 19-22

Now Finished


Elmslie House

8 Avenue Road


WR14 3AG

Visitor Comments
"An uplifting colourful experience, Turner meets Miro meets Ivan Hitchens!!"
"Fabulous artwork..."
"Very inspiring exhibition..."
"PS. great cakes too!'

Video by Ade Scholefield

Video by Ade Scholefield

Exhibition Abstract

Abstract expressionism explores that which is within whilst abstract landscapes explore that which is without, both explore the emotive response to its subject matter and seek to relay that to the viewer.


This exhibition presents abstraction in the colourist tradition, exaggerating colour and reveling in the modulation between colours, aiming to stimulate greater visual pleasure in the viewer.



Both artists explore emotive responses to the inner realm of the imagination and the outer realm of landscapes seeking to relay that to the viewer through abstracted paintings.


Abstract expressionist compositions comprise a non-representational balance between the elements of tone, value, contrast, shape, form and line.


The aim is to catch the eye, draw the attention and capture the imagination - and if we’re really lucky, illicit an emotion...

Photos courtesy of Chris Radcliffe


...peering through the net curtains of the subconscious reveals a room of shapes and colours jostling for attention, the large, flat, sharp, scratchy blue slides under the blobinous orange and yellow capsules, bobbing over a sinewy green string-snake gathering around a huge red lozenge that exudes a ‘gravity-well’ sized presence, dark shadows flit between, not resting for long - more a process of audit than a feeling of menace; as one they all angle to face you, your presence at the curtained doorway generates uneasy awareness...

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