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Malvern Abstract Artists

 Breaking  with  tradition  for  some  'splash  &  play'

What's all that about then...?

Malvern abstract artists are a loose collective of artists from around the Malvern Hills and beyond who gather regularly to share in various forms of abstract painting at 'canvas day'.

Canvas Day - What is it?

Canvas day is an opportunity to spend a day, with friends & artists, to ‘play’, explore, chat, develop new techniques and skills and swap ideas... there is no ‘right or wrong’, ‘good or bad’ and no expectations - oh, and eat yummy home made vegan lunch & cake...😄...and have some fun.


Canvas Day is all inclusive of age, gender, ability, intended as an exploration of abstract expressionism but incorporates all aspects of art that falls under the umbrella term of ‘abstract art’. It is predominantly a painting group but does not exclude any medium [except anti-social or toxic substances].


The idea for canvas day came about after researching artistic methodologies on youtube and cobbling together a set of tried and tested principals for exploring ways to:

• play

• loosen up & let go

• starting a painting

• be more self-expressive

• work intuitively

• develop further what a painting is saying to you

and trying them out for myself...


​The basic principals [and program] for the day normally is:

• start & finish a canvas [or more] in a day 

• come with no pre-conceived ideas of what you want to end up with

• arrive at 9:30am and set up to start by 10am

• spend a couple of hours in the morning ‘playing’ - splashing paint around, making marks with no real target outcome other than to have fun

• have lunch [and a break] at 12

• come back to the canvass[es] at 1pm and sit with it until it ‘speaks to you’, directs you toward a composition

• discuss your ideas and review others work and interpretations

• develop the canvasses to a conclusion before the end of the day [5pm]

• clean-up and leave by 5:30pm


It’s not a day to be ‘precious’, it is a day to be expressive and exploratory.


Of course the above ‘suggested’ program is merely intended as a guide, if the day takes you a different way, that’s fine. If you want to ‘splash & play more or, develop a formal composition or, explore a new technique; go for it.

For all inquiries & information  -  get in touch

Canvas day lunch 1_72.jpg

...a typical canvass day communal lunch...


...first collectively painted work - 15mins each [no restrictions]...

Malvern Abstract Artists


Sarah Jones [Akashalila]

Mary Brittain

Gemma Wiseman

Trudi Foggo

Sue Firmin

Jen James

Deborah Catesby

Sam Hemming

Other Artists / Galleries


Lewis Noble

Kurt Jackson

David Tress

Elmslie House

RWA - Bristol

Little Buckland Gallery

Worcestershire Open Studios

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